Instructions for captains and chess players

For captains

The team consists of 6 players and 1 captain (coach-teacher). The 1-2 boards of the team consist of boys up to 17 years old, 3-4th boards of boys up to 13 years old, 5th board of girls up to 17 years old, and 6th board of girls up to 13 years old. Team members are selected by the captain. The captain fills out the appropriate registration form.

The registration form includes the first name, last name, gender, year of birth, international rating (rapid), email address, mobile number, FIDE ID and FIDE title. The email addresses of players must be accurately, and the chess player must know the password of his email. Registration in Tornelo is by email. Tornelo accounts will be created by the organizing committee for all participants. If a chess player has already registered in Tornelo, the email address he / she uses in Tornelo must be written on the registration form.

The registration form is sent in the “Excel” file to the e-mail address of the organizing committee

For players

As announced, the competition will be held on the portal Tornelo. There is no need for chess players to register independently in Tornelo. The organizing committee will do it collectively for chess players. Within 24 hours after the team’s order is submitted to the organizing committee, a letter will be sent to the team members’ email addresses from in the following form:

Click on “Create your Tornelo account now” written on a blue background. The Tornelo page opens automatically at this time:

No need to change your first and last name. Your information has been completed by the organizing committee.

Set a new password for yourself in the “Password” section, retype that password in the “Password confirmation” section.

Accept the option “⩗” in front of the “I accept to the Terms & Conditions” section.

You can complete your registration by selecting the “Confirm” command.

You can then log in to by entering your email address and password.

Go to the Tehsilchess page created in Tornelo and find the name of the competition in the list: 

When you enter the competition page, you will see your name in the list of participants.

The Lobby section of the competition will be activated by the chief judge no later than 1 hour before the start of the competition. “Ready?” At the top of the Lobby section.

You confirm that you are ready to play in the competition. “⩗” You will see the following change: Smiling smiley and green confirmation in front of your name. Now you have to wait for the race to start…

The pairings of the tour will first be uploaded to the official page of the tournament (select the appropriate round in the “Pairings” menu of The draw will be added to Tornelo at the start of the tour. At this time, you will hear an alarm (this sound indicates the start of the tour) and the following window will open on the screen:

You need to select the command “Play now” written on a blue background. At this point, a chessboard opens on the screen and you start the clock and the game by selecting the “Start clock” command.

After the game, select “Go to lobby” and return to the “Lobby” of the competition and wait for the start of the next round.


Chess players are asked to keep the Lobby section open after the tour. Otherwise, they may be unaware of the start of the next round. In the lobby, the start of the next round is announced by a beep. The tours will be held according to the schedule specified in the regulations and the “Schedule” menu.